“Can you for god’s sake stop looking at her?! “ Tiffany whispered harshly as Sooyoung continued to blatantly stare at Taeyeon who awkwardly walked away from them.

She planned to talk Taeyeon into showing them around the exhibition until her tall idiotic best friend scared the poor girl away by staring at her non-stop.

“I get that she’s cute and pretty but seriously? Her, Tiffany?” Sooyoung asked in disbelief as she continued to stare as Taeyeon showed a well-dressed couple around the exhibition.

“Will you STOP STARING?!” Tiffany was ready to strangle Sooyoung in public at this point. The main purpose was to make Taeyeon show them around so that she could also know about the latter’s taste in arts. The plan’s now ruined even before it started.

“Can’t help it.” Sooyoung replied unapologetic as she finally changed her gaze to the painting in front of them.

 “Wow, it’s beautiful.”


 “I wonder if anyone asked them to auction or buy this piece.”

 “Don’t you have a cousin whose house is like a museum?”

“Hehe. He had banned me from entering his house after I accidentally dropped my sauce on one of his statues. It was just a drop though.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes as they proceeded to view another artwork. “You and your food.”

 “Life is food, my Fany. Life is food.” Sooyoung responded proudly as she wrapped her arm around Tiffany’s shoulder.

 “Ugh, get off me.”

“Whyyyyy…afraid that the little shorty would think you’re taken? Hmmmm?”, Sooyoung smirked as she leaned in more.

“Don’t worry though. She’s occupied.” Sooyoung said as she pointed towards a certain direction. Tiffany followed her eyes and saw Taeyeon smiling bashfully as the woman tried to flatten the non-existence on her collar.

Tiffany scoffed as she turned back to look at the painting. Blue.Green.Blue.G-

“I thought you take me here to ‘enjoy and celebrate the work of our national artists’. How come you seem to be burning a hole through the paintings with your eyes?” Sooyoung teased further.


 “I’m just saying. I agree that your glares are powerful but they are not lasers.”

 “THAT’S.IT.” Tiffany growled as she yanked the taller girl’s coat and whispered harshly,“If you speak another word again from your stuffing mouth, I will tell Kyung-Oppa that you went clubbing last week without his knowledge.”

Sooyoung’s face paled as a white woman in the painting they saw earlier, “H-how…wh-”

 “Don’t you know there’s an app called Snapchat?”

 “Who uploaded it?! I thought cameras were not allowed.”

Tiffany scoffed at the remark. Since when did club-goers abide by the rules?

Sooyoung sighed in defeat as she pouted. “Fine. I will stop teasing you. Just don’t get me into trouble.”

Tiffany smirked in victory, “Just make sure you behave well. And I will think about it.”

 “I swear you are a devil incarnate.”

Tiffany combed her hair and flaunted, “Bitch, I am the D-“


Tiffany immediately turned around and smiled brightly, slowly putting her hair behind her ear.


Sooyoung scoffed in disbelief.

 “What is it?”

Taeyeon looked at Sooyoung with the bewildered look on her face and turned back to Tiffany. “Oh, I just wanna know if you like the exhibition.”

 “It’s marvelous, Taeyeon,celebrating our famous national artists. I didn’t expect the crowd to be this full.”

“Yeah, the museum decided to advertise the event to the younger demographics this time.”

 “I see. Thank you for inviting us.”

“No-no problem.” Taeyeon looked down at her shoes to calm herself after seeing Tiffany’s blinding eye-smile.

“Taeyeon, do you have any plans after the exhibition?” That’s it. Get straight to the point.

“I’m not sure. I may or may not have to follow Miyeon-Unnie to the dinner. Why?”


 “Yeah.” Taeyeon nodded as she pointed out to the woman earlier who was now chatting with a middle-aged couple, “She’s Sunny’s distant aunt. She’s the Director of this museum and the head curator for this exhibition.”

 “I see.” She must be old

Taeyeon bit her lips at the down casted expression of the girl who seemed to be occupying her mind recently.

“W-well, I c-can ask her to let me off early if you wanna go somewhere.”

What did I just say?!

 “You would?” Tiffany looked at her expectantly.

 “O-of course. My work ends around 7 pm. You and Sooyoung-ssi can wait at the nearby café after you have finished looking around the exhibition.”

 “We will.” The satisfied smile finally appeared on Tiffany.

“I don’t remember you asking me about this.” Sooyoung interrupted. Tiffany glared at her annoying best friend.

Taeyeon chuckled as she turned to Sooyoung and extended her hand. Sooyoung raised one of her eyebrows in confusion and took it.

Taeyeon shook the hands gently and grinned, “It was nice meeting you, Sooyoung-ssi. I hope to talk to you when we meet afterwards.”

 “Of course.” Sooyoung smiled, surprised at the latter.

Taeyeon bowed in greeting and left.

 “She’s cool. I give her that.”





The dinner was a successful occasion to say the least. Taeyeon didn’t manage to stutter or act awkward around the lanky girl she met just now. Tiffany helped the conversation go on well without any misunderstanding.

That was until she pointed out that Tiffany had a small dot of sauce on her chin. The latter immediately wiped her mouth frantically and stood up, excusing herself to the restroom.

The conversation died down and there were only sounds of Sooyoung cutting her meat on their table.

“Look, I will be quick.”

“Sorry?” Taeyeon looked up. Sooyoung had stopped eating and she was looking at her.

“Do you like Tiffany?”

“W-what?”,the question stunned Taeyeon.

“She didn’t go to the toilet just to pee. She went back to put on lipstick and fix her makeup after you pointed out there was a stain on her mouth.”,Sooyoung said as her eyes darted to the empty chair, indicating Tiffany took her handbag along with her to the restroom.

“I’m not sure…what-“

“Fany is assertive. What she wants, what she gets. But I personally do not know how long that lasts.”


“I’m not trying to upset you or anything. She’s my best friend. But she doesn’t act normal around you, that’s for sure.”

“I do not what to say, Sooyoung-ssi. I’m not sure myself to be honest.”

“You don’t really open up to people, do you?”

“…”,Taeyeon didn’t respond to the question. Sooyoung took it as a yes.

“Fine by me. But she’s my best friend and I’m just worried. You are not usually type that fascinates her.”

Taeyeon gripped the napkin in annoyance. “Fascinates her? Am I some type of object, Sooyoung-ssi?”

“I’m sa-“

“I understand that you are being caring as a best friend but there are some questions that you can ask and some you shouldn’t.”


“Regarding Tiffany, it’s between me and her so I prefer you do not meddle in this matter. And we are just friends, I assure you.” Taeyeon said, hoping to end this speculation. She didn’t show any of her true expression. What can she say when she just met her and she herself could not figure what she’s truly feeling.

“I didn’t mean it in a wrong way, Taeyeon.” Sooyoung replied, sensing the girl’s tone of voice,“Tiffany’s eyes were sparkling when she looked at you. “


“It shocked me.”

Taeyeon’s eyes softened.

“The girl who always acts like the success is what matters the most in this world, she never gave into emotions.” Sooyoung spoke softly, feeling pensive,“But when she sees you, the usual flirtatious attitude that she puts on just to attract others disappear.”

“Isn’t she the same with you?”

Sooyoung smiled.

“She and I go back a long way. We have been friends for more than a decade. You guys only started to hang out a couple of months ago.”


“Whatever happens, I hope you can continue being friends with her in the long run. “

“She’s a good friend, Sooyoung-ssi.”

“Just Sooyoung, Taeyeon.”

“Okay, Sooyoung.”

“I hope you continue to stay by her side in the future. That girl needs a bit of tranquility in her life and you give her that.”

“She’s lucky to have you too. You are a very good friend.”

“Thank you, Taeyeon.”

“You’re welcome, Sooyoung.”









“Hey, you okay?”

“Hmmm?” Taeyeon looked at the girl besides her.

“You have been quiet since dinner.” Tiffany spoke, trying not to beat around the bush. With Taeyeon, it’s better to be straightforward than going around the topic. The girl is pro at avoiding the questions.

“Oh, I’m okay. Just a bit worn out I guess?”

“Did Sooyoung say something to you? She did, didn’t she?”

“She didn’t say anything. We just had a small conversation, that’s all.”

“You tend to hesitate if you’re not honest.”,Tiffany spoke solemnly.

“I didn’t know you’re that observant.” Taeyeon joked,trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

“I’m sorry.”,Tiffany hung her head low.

“Hey, don’t be.” Taeyeon nudged the latter by the shoulders,“She didn’t say anything. I’m just tired from the job today. The exhibition was more crowded that we expected.”

“If you say so.”

“Look, Fany” ,Taeyeon breathed in, “Sooyoung really cares about you. She knows you are mostly surrounded by people who are not genuine towards you.”

“I’m sorry if she was offensive in anyway.”

“She wasn’t. I would have gotten up and leave if she was.”


“I’m serious. “

“O-kay.” Tiffany finally smiled as she reached out to Taeyeon’s arm and linked their arms together as they proceeded to walk under the chilling weather of Seoul.

Taeyeon didn’t show her surprise at the act but she tried to hide her blushing cheeks by hiding further into the scarf wrapped around her neck.

Tiffany smiled wider as she felt the squeeze from Taeyeon’s hand.

Today was a good day.







I’m very sorry for the late update. I actually didn’t have enough inspiration to write down. Then I had preliminary exams. -_-

Anyway, have you guys checked Taeyeon’s Album???!!!

What am I saying? You all have checked out her album already. HAHA

As expected, the Queen nailed it beyond expectations. Nobody messes with SNSD

Every song of this album really touched my heart. Her emotions put into these songs are phenomenal. I can’t wait for SNSD album if this is the taste of what we have to expect.

Until the next chapter~~~~~





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