Krystal let out a relief sigh when she heard her favorite word of the day. She gathered herself and moved away from the bed.

Accepting the water from her PA as she stood still for the make up fixing.


“Great Job as usual, Krystal.”

Hearing the comment, she let out a faint smile and bowed.

“Kamsamnida, Sajanim.”

“It’s really great to work with you , young lady. You always manage to finish in one go. I am impressed.”

Krystal could only nod at the praise silently.




Krystal looked up at the voice and frowned. The latter just ignored her look and put out something from the bag.

“Here. You didn’t take your phone when you came here, Soojung. What did I tell you about forgetting such important things?”

Krystal grabbed her phone back from the guy roughly and glared, ” I didn’t forget, I just left it. And What did I tell you about not to COME TO THE SET today!!!”

Her brother just sighed and shook his head, “I’m your manager, Soojung-ah…How can I not come?”

Krystal bit her lips disappointed at the words.

“That is the problem…”


Krystal turned her head up and glared at the latter, “That IS the problem! You are my BROTHER and why are you coming to your sister’s SEX SCENE SHOOTING??!!!


“And if you don’t remember oppa, I’m already 18 and I can go wherever by myself. Heck , I can even do a blowjob scene if I have to.”


“Jung SooJung. This is not fucking funny.”

Krystal turned her head away when she met her brother’s furious gaze. She didn’t meant what she said. She just felt humiliated and embarrassed herself to know that her brother witnessed the intimate scene.

“It’s embarrassing oppa. I can’t act knowing that you are here.”

“What? So you do not feel embarrassed being watched by 20 males filming you at different angles?”

” OPPA!”

” You know what? Do whatever you want. You signed it without my conscience at the first place. You might as well fire me next time.”

The latter turned around and decide to leave,he didn’t even want to go there at the first place. Why bother when he is not even needed?

Krystal immediately got up and grabbed his wrist tightly, “Oppa, Aniya!! I didn’t mean it! I just felt too embarrassed to let you see me in naked with someone else okay? Please don’t be angry.”


“It’s even depressing. I’m not even feeling it. We just act as the director order and you know that.”


“Besides, only one scene is left okay?”

Jung Yiyun sighed deeply and turned around to face his beloved baby sister. He gently removed her hand from his wrist and hold her shoulders firmly.

“Leave it. I know you cannot continue filming in this state of mind.”


“Shh..” Putting his finger on her lips to shut the mouth, Yiyun started to speak softly, “Breathe deeply, Close your eyes, Visualise your catharsis, and Release your breath  after counting 1,2,3 okay?”


“I will send Yuri-noona to the set afterwards. Go straight home and take a rest okay? I will come back later.”

With that being said, Aiden Jung Yiyun patted the maknae’s head softly and left the shooting without taking a glance back.

Krystal took one last lingering gaze at the fading figure and turned around.
She gently removed her robe , and walked towards the bed surrounded by 20 males filming her at every direction and famous eye-candy of the year, Lee Minho who is waiting for her at the bed with a soft gaze that doesn’t make her heart flutter.
She softly climbed the bed,


She breathed in deeply,


Closed her eyes,


Visualised her ‘catharsis’,


A person whom she couldn’t claim as ‘hers’,




Aiden Jung Yiyun


Her very own catharsis…

She released her breath

And the filming began.



Author: MotoFoko

A wanderer. Soul searching. Writing calms my mind.

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