“Ya…Stop it already…You are abusing the ball man…”


Aiden Jung Yiyun, the manager and acting coach of Krystal Jung Soojung ignored the words and continued to hit the ball.He is currently too mad to have mercy on the ball.Kibum finally decided to keep the ball that he has been hitting back and forth to the wall.

“What da fuck”

Aiden muttered when he started to notice that the ball didn’t bounce back. He glared at the culprit and cursed him with incoherent words. Kibum just shrugged at him him absentmindedly and reminded him,“And don’t you dare try to throw that racket in your hand or you’re a dead meat.”

“I can buy you back.”

“It has my girlfriend’s sign on it in case you didn’t notice.”

Feeling dejected, Aiden lied on the floor with a loud thud. Kibum looked at his best friend disappointed.“You cannot just come to my squash room, hit the ball like you are gonna break it and try to throw my racket every time you feel a heartbreak.”


Kibum sighed at his curt response and shook his head,

“My squash room is not your room of consolation, Aiden.”

Aiden closed his eyes tightly and breathed in heavily, “I know…”

“Okay…now tell me what happened this time.”

Aiden opened one of his eyes and found his diva best friend sitting besides him with serious eyes.He laughed a bit and teased, “You just said earlier that this is not my room of consolation.”

Kibum just smirked and shrugged, “Well, its owner can be a listener. Now, shoot.”

Groaning, Aiden got up and started to speak , “Two months ago, I went to China for some matters.”

“I know that, so?’

“Soojung signed a film with Director Ahn during my absence.”

“…so you’re mad because she signed A FILM without you?”

Aiden groaned, “No. It’s DIRECTOR AHN JAE WON!!! YOU IDIOT!!His films are always R-RATED!!!”

“Oh…So…Soojungie is finally an adult now huh?”

“Kim Kibum…”

Kibum faked a cough when he heard the stern voice from his best friend.“Continue.”

“And she left her handphone in her room today so I decided to go and give it to her ,also wanting to surprise her.”

“You got surprised instead?”

“She was tongue-sucking with Lee Minho on the bed NAKED.”

“Can I know what is the name of the movie?”


“Ow!! Ya!!!”

Kibum screamed when his head was smacked with the smelly sneakers. He turned to Aiden and shouted, “It was just a joke, man!!”

“It is not a joke to me, Kibum,” Aiden muttered solemnly, ” It is not funny to me at all. “

Kibum could only sigh and watched helplessly at the latter’s dilemma. He would come, used his squash room for relieving stress, lied on the floor and mourning his lovelife.

” Just tell her how you feel about that, dude. She may choose carefully next time.”

“Working with Director Ahn can give her a boost to the career, Kibum. I cannot just tell her to stop it.”

Kibum breathed heavily in frustration and nudged him, “Aish!! Then tell her directly , man!!! All of us around you can see that love is in the air.”


“Maybe even Krystal might notice your feelings for her. I’m sure about that.”

“…how can you be so sure?”

“Dude, one of the famous eligible bachelors in the country and no girlfriend? Your sister can sense it that easy. Besides, she may have already noticed and decided to give you some space to enjoy your love life.”

“I don’t think so.”


“Cos she told me two days ago that I should stay single forever.”

“…Maybe she likes you, too then.”

“WHAT?” Aiden shouted wid-eyed to KIbum’s remark. Doodungie liking him?? No fucking way!

“What?It’s true. It can happen. Besides you are the only opposite sex that has been besides her 24/7 for 18 years.” Kibum reasoned.

“Minus two years, Kim. I had to go to the uni.”

“With her calling you every 5 minutes. Nah. “

“…This can’t happen, Kibum…You know that.”

Kibum sighed heavily, “Just tell her the truth, Yiyun.”

Aiden shook his head sadly and looked down at his phone with Krystal’s selfie on the screen, “…I can’t”

“…You know…I can’t…





The door closed and finally Krystal Jung Soojung could feel some lone time. The door of the driver’s seat opened and somebody climbed in. The engined started to roar and began to leave the set along with the horde of fans who were cheering their favourite actress. But Krystal couldn’t care less. There were also stalkers and haters among them and she couldn’t risk it.

“So, now where do you want to go? Have you eaten?”

“What did oppa say?”

“He said that I could treat you some dinner before heading to home. But I think you need a breather.”

“I need oppa.”  

” Your brother or your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have boyfriend, unnie.” Krystal answered annoyingly.

“Then , who’s Lee Taemin?”

“We only had ONE date.”

“Wow, first date and first kiss. What a lucky guy!”

“I didn’t know there were paparazzis!!”

“No wonder that llama was jealous that day!”

“Oppa was jealous?” Krystal asked out of the blue.


Krystal immediately hung onto the latter’s arm and asked, “Wae? Why would he be jealous? “


“Answer me!!”

“…I’m driving.”

“I’ll tell Jessica-unnie that you lap danced to Shin Se Kyung unnie.”


Kwon Yuri immediately hit the breaks and stopped the car besides the driveway. She looked at the troublemaker and the maknae of the famous Jung Trios.

“H-how did you…?”

“Ssul attended the party, remember?”

Yuri cursed the Choi maknae in her mind for the carelessness. Of course, one of Soojung’s hobby is searching other people’s phones, the mischievous trait she shared with Jessica Jung.

“So…care to tell now why oppa was jealous?”

“..Mwola.” With that being said, Yuri revived the engine and decided to return to the Jung’s mansion instead. One more minute with the Jung maknae and she would be suffocated to death.

“Are you not afraid what will happen if unnie found the video?”



“Shit. Anyway , it was her 23rd Birthday. She requested that so I danced.”

“But lap-dance? Unnie doesn’t like you hanging around them, you know that.”

“Why?” Yuri retorted.

“…For no reason…”


“Huh?” Krystal asked,confused. She could swear she swore an explainable look flashed across Yuri’s eyes. But it was just a mere second.

“Your brother was also jealous for no reason.”


“You are his beloved dongsaeng. He treasures you like the priceless thing in the world …like you are irreplaceable.” 

Unknowingly, blush started to appear on Krystal’s face with bursting happiness in her heart. Hearing the words just made her day. It would be so much better if she could hear those from him directly.

“You also know that he sacrificed so much for you right?”


“I wonder what is with you and the Lees?”


“Lee Jongsuk, Lee Minho , Lee Taemin… all are Lees.”

“They were just dates and co actors, unnie…” Krystal whined.


“Then what is oppa with THAT FISH?”


“You know her. Ailee…HIS BELOVED FISH.” Krystal muttered out the words as if they were disgusting.

“GOLDFISH, Soojung. His BELOVED goldfish.” Yuri corrected, chuckling.

“Whatever…He better not be dating her or HE’S DEAD.”

“He’s 23, darling.”

“I don’t care. He can’t and that’s it. “

“Well, that’s it.”


She looked at her right and found the portico of her house or mansion, to be specific.

“We have arrived, your highness.” Yuri announced jokingly in salutation. She got off from the car and went to the back to take out Krystal’s things.

Krystal also got off from the car and stretched. “Aah… I feel so exhausted.”

“Considering the time that you had S**, you must be.”

“Unnie…It’s not a joke to me.” Krystal muttered coldly.

Yuri immediately sensed the change of voice and nodded, “Sorry, the joke went too far. But, discuss with Aiden before you decide, okay? He was very upset.”

Krystal’s expression started to soften, “Arasso.”

Yuri smiled at the maknae and patted her head softly, “Good. Then…I’ll take my leave then…”

“Aren’t you gonna wait for unnie? She must be coming back.”

Yuri just smiled faintly, ” I know. Tyler-oppa answered her phone this morning when I called. She must be.”

Krystal nodded at the words silently, “How will you leave? Taking a taxi.” Yuri came to pick her with her Range Rover as she was still poor in driving. Aiden usually pick her up but…

Yuri snorted, “Nah.”

She went to the right side where Mr. Hong, the family butler of Jung’s household for many years waiting with her bike.

“Unnie!! Another bike??!!!”

“Another baby, sweetheart. It’s a Kawasaki!”

“Unnie will kill you!”

“Wae? I got it as a present and besides it would be a waste if I don’t ride THIS!!” Yuri reasoned while putting on her helmet.

“Where are you going anyway? I forgot to tell you that you are a little too dressed up for casual.”, Krystal asked while eyeing Yuri’s black cropped leather jacket with sheer tank top underneath, ripped jeans and leather boots.

“It’s Friday Soojungie and it’s already evening.”

“Where exactly?”

“The one who gave me this baby also invited me for tonight’s party. I have to go of course.”

“Who?” Krystal asked, worried for Jessica’s upcoming wrath on Yuri.


“Unnie!! She WILL KILL you!!” Krystal shrieked. If only she could tell how much…


“..Wait a sec..if it’s Son Yejin party…Oppa will be there right?”

“…”    CRAP

“I’ll be coming with you.”

“Bye, maknae.”


Yuri immediately turned on the engine and slightly waved at Butler Hong. The latter just bowed at her as respect and smiled faintly. Yuri nodded and waved at the fuming Krystal.

“No can do, maknae. It’s above 21.”



Krystal and Yuri widened at the voice and looked at Butler Hong who just shrugged in response, “You didn’t ask, my ladies.”

Krystal immediately shooed Yuri away “Ka!! She’s slow despite of her voice! Go! And tell oppa to come back home earlier!”

Yuri just nodded and immediately left the mansion in a flash.



Krystal wiped her sweat on the forehead and breathed out in relief.

“Why are you sweating?”

Krystal jumped in surprise at the voice from behind. Jessica Jung Sooyeon, the nation’s ice princess and the very famous singer and her sister, was standing behind her in the rob covering her night gown. 

“When did you arrive, unnie?”

“Four hours ago. I decided to take some sleep. Anyway, was that Yuri?” Jessica asked as she took a look around. 

“Ani! It was…A-aiden oppa!! Yes! It was Aiden oppa!!”

“Really?” Jessica asked with one of her eyebrows raised, indication suspicions. 

Krystal nodded frantically, “Yes! He picked me up but he had to leave. He’s in a rush.”

“Okay…” Jessica nodded slowly. She then put out her phone from her robe’s pocket and dialled some numbers. It was directed to the voicemail. AGAIN.

“Aish…” Jessica muttered in frustration.


“Ani…I tried calling Yuri but she isn’t picking up.” Jessica answered solemnly as she tried calling for another time.

“Why?” Krystal asked again as she remembered Yuri’s upset face earlier when they talked about Jessica.

“You see, Yuri contacted me last night when I was in Hong Kong with Tyler for my clothing business. I don’t know what I said to her since I was drunk.” Jessica continued, “And when I woke up, Tyler told me that Yuri called.”

“So did you call her back?”

“I did but she’s not picking up.” Jessica answered in frustration.

“You must have said something bad to her.” Krystal commented.

“Ani”, Jessica pouted, ” Even if I said something bad, she would be speaking to me the next day!”

“Well, it must be worse then” Krystal shrugged.

“Mwolla…I will try to talk to her tomorrow when we meet.”

“You do that.”

“You DO THAT, too maknae.”

“…Planning to.”







Aiden finished the vodka in one go and raised his empty cup.

“So..who will start the recite for tonight?”

“I WILL!!” Yuri raised her hands happily while raising her empty glass on one hand.

“Do your thing. Yuri-darling…” Yejin purred as she filled her empty glass with vodka.

Yuri just nodded and stood up from the table, ” Repeat after me!! EVERYBODY!!”















“Having a heartbreak, my dear friend?” Aiden asked while smirking.

“Ask your sister, llama.” Yuri answered.

“Your recite was too random, noona. Why?”

“I dunno. Maybe some alarming words that tell me that I am dreaming too much maybe.” Yuri answered coldly while finishing her second drink.

Aiden looked at her in concern, “What happened?”

“Well, Jessica called me in Hong Kong but I didn’t pick up. When I call her back ,she just yelled at me that she is not important to me anymore and that I don’t need to give a fuck whatever she does from then on.”

“She’s drunk.” Aiden added slowly.

“Exactly. So I decided to call her the next day and guess who picked up.” Yuri asked sarcastically.

Aiden widened his eyes, “Oh No…”

“Yup. TYLER KWON picked up. And you know what he said when I asked hin to wake Jessica up.”


“He said that she told me to fuck off.”


“I can still stand that.” Yuri continued bitterly.

“He told me to give her a rest as she had a ROUGH NIGHT and that SHE’S SLEEPING BESIDES HIM.”

“That was so douche of him.” Aiden shook his head in disgust.

“I mean , that IS their business. Not mine.”

“Screw that guy!”

“Maybe he noticed my true feelings and where I stand.” Yuri just reasoned.

Aiden shook his head again, not accepting it, ” So, what? Don’t let that get into your head, noona.”

Yuri just turned sideways to look back at him , “Well, don’t also let THAT get into your head, llama.”

“What do you mean?”

Yuri just shook her head, “Krystal is an actress, Yiyun. It’s her job. Besides, you know how they shoot those scenes. There is no fun in it.”


“You still have chances. You can tell her , you know that.”
“It’s too incest, don’t you think?” Aiden joked lightly at his situation.

“Love doesn’t judge , Yiyun. Love just …happen and you can’t stop it.”

“SOCIETY judge, noona.” Aiden retorted, “There is no place and chance for me even if I try.”

“How would you know?” Yuri asked, cursing inwardly that the guy is so slow.

“Well, you TRY.”

“Trust me…

…I did.”












Krystal let out a relief sigh when she heard her favorite word of the day. She gathered herself and moved away from the bed.

Accepting the water from her PA as she stood still for the make up fixing.


“Great Job as usual, Krystal.”

Hearing the comment, she let out a faint smile and bowed.

“Kamsamnida, Sajanim.”

“It’s really great to work with you , young lady. You always manage to finish in one go. I am impressed.”

Krystal could only nod at the praise silently.




Krystal looked up at the voice and frowned. The latter just ignored her look and put out something from the bag.

“Here. You didn’t take your phone when you came here, Soojung. What did I tell you about forgetting such important things?”

Krystal grabbed her phone back from the guy roughly and glared, ” I didn’t forget, I just left it. And What did I tell you about not to COME TO THE SET today!!!”

Her brother just sighed and shook his head, “I’m your manager, Soojung-ah…How can I not come?”

Krystal bit her lips disappointed at the words.

“That is the problem…”


Krystal turned her head up and glared at the latter, “That IS the problem! You are my BROTHER and why are you coming to your sister’s SEX SCENE SHOOTING??!!!


“And if you don’t remember oppa, I’m already 18 and I can go wherever by myself. Heck , I can even do a blowjob scene if I have to.”


“Jung SooJung. This is not fucking funny.”

Krystal turned her head away when she met her brother’s furious gaze. She didn’t meant what she said. She just felt humiliated and embarrassed herself to know that her brother witnessed the intimate scene.

“It’s embarrassing oppa. I can’t act knowing that you are here.”

“What? So you do not feel embarrassed being watched by 20 males filming you at different angles?”

” OPPA!”

” You know what? Do whatever you want. You signed it without my conscience at the first place. You might as well fire me next time.”

The latter turned around and decide to leave,he didn’t even want to go there at the first place. Why bother when he is not even needed?

Krystal immediately got up and grabbed his wrist tightly, “Oppa, Aniya!! I didn’t mean it! I just felt too embarrassed to let you see me in naked with someone else okay? Please don’t be angry.”


“It’s even depressing. I’m not even feeling it. We just act as the director order and you know that.”


“Besides, only one scene is left okay?”

Jung Yiyun sighed deeply and turned around to face his beloved baby sister. He gently removed her hand from his wrist and hold her shoulders firmly.

“Leave it. I know you cannot continue filming in this state of mind.”


“Shh..” Putting his finger on her lips to shut the mouth, Yiyun started to speak softly, “Breathe deeply, Close your eyes, Visualise your catharsis, and Release your breath  after counting 1,2,3 okay?”


“I will send Yuri-noona to the set afterwards. Go straight home and take a rest okay? I will come back later.”

With that being said, Aiden Jung Yiyun patted the maknae’s head softly and left the shooting without taking a glance back.

Krystal took one last lingering gaze at the fading figure and turned around.
She gently removed her robe , and walked towards the bed surrounded by 20 males filming her at every direction and famous eye-candy of the year, Lee Minho who is waiting for her at the bed with a soft gaze that doesn’t make her heart flutter.
She softly climbed the bed,


She breathed in deeply,


Closed her eyes,


Visualised her ‘catharsis’,


A person whom she couldn’t claim as ‘hers’,




Aiden Jung Yiyun


Her very own catharsis…

She released her breath

And the filming began.




“Have you finally decided?”

“On?”Taeyeon looked at her best friend.

“Your holiday. What are you gonna do?”

“Yul asked me if I wanna go with you to Jeju but I don’t think I should. It’s rare for you to have all of your family members in one place right?”

“It’s okay though. Why aren’t you with you family this time?”

“Once I go there, it will be hard for me to come back on time” ,Taeyeon smiled remembering how she had to run away from her mother just to get on the bus on time when she returned to Seoul after visiting her family, “Besides, I could make some extra money here. Can I start working on that part-time job of yours by the way?”

“You gonna start working now??The school just ended four days ago.”

“I know. I just wanna take my mind off some things for a few hours and I think it will be a nice idea to work instead of lazing around the house.”

Sunny looked at her and scoffed,“If you DO want to keep your mind off some stuff, I suggest you go on a trip either with me or your family. Because the reason of your conflict is here and it won’t do any good if you are hanging out four days a week. And don’t you dare deny it cos I’m not judging or commenting about it. “

Taeyeon huffed in air, trying not to retort when she knew Sunny was right this time,“…I know. I just need to confirm something. That’s about it.”

“Well, good luck cos you will need it. “

“Yeah, I do need that.”


A lot, apparently







“Coming!” Taeyeon turned off the gas oven and went to open the door.

A smiling Tiffany greeted her as soon as she opened the door. Covered in trench coat and a pink scarf, Tiffany looked like she came out of a movie. Her brunette hair was stylishly cascading down her shoulders and the latter was wearing a minimal make-up, revealing her cheekbones and sharp nose more distinctively. She immediately agreed in her mind that she liked this version of Tiffany, less guarded and more friendly and more beautiful.




Tiffany chuckled at the stuttering girl in front of her and crinkled her nose playfully. “Aren’t you gonna let me in? It’s cold out here.”

“Of course!” Taeyeon squeaked which caused more laughter from the latter. She groaned at her own demeanour and moved away a bit to welcome the brunette into her humble apartment.

“Wah! It’s really warm here!” Tiffany smiled as she felt the warmth as she stepped in. A hand tugged her coat and she turned her head to see Taeyeon pointing at the clothe.

“I will hang it for you.”

Tiffany smiled brightly in appreciation and removed her coat and gave it to Taeyeon. She went over to the dining table, taking off her scarf along the way. She helped herself a cup of tea that Taeyeon put on the table.

“I can see that you are getting used to my apartment.”

“Are you kidding me? I feel like this is my home already.” Tiffany grinned as she sat down and  put her legs on the table to prove her point. Taeyeon snorted at the girl’s comment and proceeded to continue with her cooking.


Tiffany visited her flat at least twice a week at her flat. She would stay on for hours until late night and Taeyeon would have to push her out of the door or the girl wouldn’t stop requesting to have a sleepover at her flat. Three hours of them being alone was already making her struggling to function properly. Sleeping next to each other would give her a mental breakdown as she had been talking to herself these days just to push off unnecessary thoughts.

On the other hand, Tiffany and her best friends had been getting closer and she was happy for it. She knew Tiffany didn’t have many close friends as people always had their own image of Tiffany in their mind before they even started chatting and Tiffany resented that, hence she didn’t trust anyone enough to have close friends. But she had a few close friends back in US who she’s still in touch with and a small number of best friends.

“What are you cooking? It smells nice by the way.” Tiffany asked as she leaned over to peek at the oven.

“Oyako Don.” Taeyeon replied as she drizzled the beat egg over the chicken and onion.

“Really?! Can you cook one for me?”

“My grocery expense has increased after you have started coming to my flat.” Taeyeon commented drily as she covered the lid on the pan and started to take out the chicken thighs from the fridge.

“Hehe” ,Tiffany laughed sheepishly, “I can repay you though. Because I know I eat every time I come visit your house.”

“Oh? I thought you didn’t notice.” Taeyeon teased at the brunette who had her lips pouted.

“Ya! I know,okay?” Tiffany whined as she folded her arms, “Your cooking are delicious, you can’t blame me for liking them.”

Taeyeon laughed and winked at the latter, “Thank you for your compliment. At least you like my dishes.”

“On a serious note though, let me repay you. I know that you have a cap on everything you spend.”

Taeyeon shrugged nonchalantly as she chopped the onion, “I was just kidding. It’s not necessary.”

“I do want to.” Tiffany’s insistence was evident in her tone. Taeyeon paused her preparation and turned around to look at the brunette.

“You are my friend. And this is my home. My house, my rules.”

Tiffany shook her head, “As your friend, I can pay for your grocery expenses. Besides they go into my stomach, not yours. How about we buy the groceries together?”

“How about you start learning to cook instead?”



“I won’t get to eat your dishes anymore. I want to enjoy the food cooked by you. If I start to cook, you will just make me cook every time I come just for practice and I don’t want that. I prefer watching you cook and eat with you together afterwards.”

Taeyeon didn’t reply and silently pour the omelette to the rice bowl. If she turned around now, she wouldn’t dare to imagine what she would do when she sees the latter’s face.

Instead, she faked a cough to change the atmosphere,“You are really cheeky today. Did you take a lot of sugar before coming here?”

“So, I am succeeding in making you flutter?” Tiffany grinned.

Taeyeon snorted to hide her blush, “Ya wish. Now, let’s eat.”

“Okie Dokie.”





“Last chance, kiddo.”

Taeyeon looked around the area. Many people were queuing, clutching ti their passports as they prepared to leave the city for the holidays. She followed along with Sunny to see her off at the airport.

Taeyeon smiled and shook her head.

“You sure? You can actually just buy a ticket right now and come along with me. Besides, my and your size are similar so you don’t need to worry for clothes.”

“Similar?” Taeyeon scoffed, “Your melons are bigger than mine.”

“Oh, so you noticed.” Sunny smirked.

“Cocky much.” Taeyeon mumbled.

Sunny laughed and hugged her best friend by the shoulder,“Well, if you have decided then I won’t ask anymore. You can start working at Leeum on Wednesday. I have told my aunt about your hobby by the way. She said you can bring some sketches.”

Taeyeon’s eyes tripled in size at her friend’s revelation,“Ya! My drawings are crappy. It’s not even a sketch. They are doodles!How can you ask the Art Director to see my sketches?!”

“Don’t be so downgraded. Your sketches are cool, ya know. People won’t even believe that you are taking a Business major instead of Arts.”

“Well, a girl gotta make a living.” Taeyeon replied flatly, reminded of the little opportunity she had for her future. In this harsh economic situation, she couldn’t blindly pursue whatever she’s passionate about.

Sunny patted her arm in empathy . Taeyeon smiled and hugged her best friend tightly.

“Have fun over there, yeah? Let loose.”

“I will. You also have fun at the museum.”








“You’ve gotta be kidding me….”

Taeyeon couldn’t concentrate enough to close her mouth from hanging open.

“OH MY GOD. I didn’t know Leeum has Kim Wan Ki’s paintings!” She squealed as she looked at the paintings in wonder. She could imagine herself jumping around and squealing but it’s not suitable for this place.

Sunny’s aunt laughed at her astonishment,“No wonder Sunkyu says you are an art enthusiast. Yes, we host a few of his paintings.”

“Where and how can I help you in this exhibition?”

Lee Mi Yeon is a well-known art curator and she recently got the position are the Art Director at Leeum. Sometimes, being Sunny’s best friend has its perks. Like this for example.

“You will be my assistant for the preparation. Since you are from Business Major, I assume you can handle some accounts?”

“I hope so.” Taeyeon responded enthusiastically.

“Great.” Lee Miyeon smiled, “Sunkyu will be joining you after she got back from Jeju so don’t be nervous okay?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Call me Unnie. I feel old. “ Lee Miyeon joked as she proceeded to show her the rest of the collection.

Taeyeon smiled sheepishly as she looked around the gallery in wonder. She had to thank Sunny with toys when she returned. This was heaven.





“You know that I’m still sitting here right?”

Tiffany looked up and saw Siwon glaring at her across the table. She rolled her eyes and went back to her previous focus.

“You know that I have eyes?” Tiffany responded.

“Then why are you looking at your phone instead of me?”

Tiffany sighed in annoyance and showed her phone screen,“I’m just responding to a friend’s message.”

“That friend must be quite important to you that you literally ignored me for fifteen minutes.” , Siwon retorted.

Tiffany felt like pulling his hair off but she decided to finish her previous task before locking her phone. She pressed the Send button and put her phone down.

“Fine. Talk.”

“You have been hanging out with a Taeyeon quite a lot these days.”

“Is this a statement or a question?”

“Your recent SNS are filled with her.”

“I have only posted two selfies with her. “

“You took shots of her back, side and hands.” Siwon pointed out, remembering the inconspicuous profiles of Kim Taeyeon on Tiffany’s posts. It might be nothing to most people but Siwon knew better than to ignore.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Don’t play with her, Fany. She’s actually a nice girl although she’s reserved.”

“How do you know?”

“Yoona. But that doesn’t matter. Though you, Tiffany Hwang need to watch what you’re doing.” Siwon spoke as he pointed his finger at the latter.

Tiffany gritted her teeth at the statement,“Back off, Siwon. This is my personal stuff and it doesn’t concern you what so ever.”

“It’s fascinating honestly. The Miss Popular hanging out with a Social Reclusive.”

“She has REAL friends and for the last time, BACK OFF.”

“Just making sure you don’t destroy someone while trying to attain your fantasy, Miyoung. Be careful.”

“That’s rich coming from you.”

“Sweetheart, I’m the fantasy itself. Girls love me and the boys are envious.”

“I’m not included.”

“That’s why I love you, sweetheart. And I don’t want the only girl I can have a decent conversation disappear.”

“I know what I am doing, Oppa. Honestly, stop worrying.”

“I’m not worried about you. I’m worried about her.”

“Why? Are you interested in her?”

“I admit she’s pretty and I can see that she’s a rare gem but she’s not my type. She’s too precious to be held.”

Tiffany combed her hand through her hair to distract herself from lashing back at him impulsively. The nerve of that guy

She leaned back to her seat and looked at the guy, unwavered.“Can you stop playing with your words?”

Siwon merely smiled and spoke softly, “Be careful, Tiffany.”

“I don’t need a reminder.”

“I hope so.”





“How’s your part-time job?”

Taeyeon finished her rice cake and replied,“Fantastic. I’m having a blast.”

Tiffany rested her chin on her hands as she smiled amusingly,“It’s rare for someone to having that fun at a job. I suppose you landed on the right job?”

Taeyeon nodded happily,“Yup! Sunny asked her aunt who’s an art curator and she hired me as a junior executive for the upcoming exhibition at Leeum.” It’s rare to find a good part-time job and she considered herself very lucky to get to work in such a good place.

“Ohhh, Nice~”

“Speaking of which”, Taeyeon put out two small papers which looked like tickets. “I got two tickets for that exhibition. Now that I am working there, I don’t need a ticket anymore. Maybe you can come and visit the museum with one of your friends.”

“Shucks,” Tiffany pouted, “You had me excited for a while.”


“I thought you were asking me to go with you to the exhibition.”


Trying not to choke her rice cake, Taeyeon hurriedly grabbed her water to flush it down. Flirty Tiffany had strike again.

“ I-I was! But I got a part-time job there and I get accessed to it and the ticket wasn’t necessary so I didn’t want it-“

A finger on her lips immediately stopped her blabbering. She looked at Tiffany and saw the latter smiling widely at her. Damn, that smile

“I will come to the exhibition. Thank you for the tickets.”




“I have always wanted to see the famous Kim Taeyeon. A pleasure to meet ya.”

Taeyeon looked down at the hand extended to her. She looked at the owner again. The latter was obviously showing off her tower-like height, looming over her with a smirk that she started to get annoyed of.

“Excuse me?”

Tiffany nudged at her friend in not-so-gentled manner and faked a smile at the latter,“Soo was just kidding, Tae. Right?”

Sooyoung laughed, seemingly undisturbed by Tiffany’s glare. “Hehe. Sort of, man, you are tiny.”

“…”,Taeyeon just continued to look at the Bamboo Stick silently, praising herself for the nickname she had invented.

“Choi Sooyoung, you are trash at making first impressions.”

Sooyoung raised her hands in apologetic manner and smiled,“Sorry. Hi Taeyeon, I’m Choi Sooyoung and you can call me Soo for short.” She casually put her hand on Tiffany’s shoulder and smirked, “I’m this naughty Hwang’s best friend since middle school.”


Taeyeon could only gawk at the tall girl. She wore a mischievous simile on her lips similar to that of Yuri and Hyoyeon’s.

Yup, this one’s a prankster









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