“I’m very sorry! Please forgive me!”

A pack of Cass and three Sojus greeted Sunny as soon as she opened the door of her apartment. Taeyeon was holding her hands together and wearing a pouty face, asking for forgiveness.

Tsk, this midget needs to learn a bigger lesson

Sunny snorted and turned around to go back inside her apartment. Taeyeon immediately grabbed her right arm, set a foot forward between her and the door and turned Sunny to face her.

“I’m really really sorry, Sunny-ah.”

Sunny didn’t reply and looked at her silently, her annoyance displaying on her face. Taeyeon sighed and looked down at the floor.

“ I didn’t mean to ditch you at all. Some…something happened and I couldn’t think carefully.I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.”

“You also switched off your phone for four days.”

“…I know.”

“ Do you know how worried we were?”


“ You should have at least come and tell me that you were leaving. It was very rude.”

“I’m sorry.”

“ And no, I’m not gonna forgive you.”

Taeyeon looked up at Sunny, worried and nervous. Sunny scoffed and glared at Taeyeon,“ Do you think beer and soju can make me forgive you? Dream on, midget.”


“Two BBQ buffet.” Sunny held up two fingers, smirking.


“Treat me to two BBQ buffet, then we will talk.”

Taeyeon groaned.

There goes my budget


Tiffany was putting a book on the designated shelf when she saw a familiar back passing through the rows of book shelves. She immediately put the books she carried on the floor to catch up with the latter.

Taeyeon was bobbing her head to the music when someone abruptly remove one of her ear phones. She immediately turned to glare at the culprit just to find Tiffany Hwang glaring at her, fuming mad. She could see Tiffany breathing heavily, judging smokes seemed to come out from her nostrils. Shit


Tiffany couldn’t believe at the nonchalant greet.

“ You disappeared, didn’t pick up my calls, didn’t respond to my texts and avoided me by attending classes on different schedule and all you said was ‘Hey’ ?!

Taeyeon looked around and whispered harshly, “ We are in the library! Keep your voice down!”

Tiffany huffed in disbelief, her anger rising,” What the hell, Kim Taeyeon?!”

Taeyeon groaned at the loud voice. They better leave the building or the librarian would give them an earful of scolding. She grabbed Tiffany’s wrist harshly and pulled her along.

“Now, talk!” Taeyeon told her sarcastically as they now stood at the back of the library building. She knew she would eventually have to face Tiffany sooner or later but she wasn’t still prepared. She wasn’t still ready to have her heart jumping wildly and the zoo happening inside her stomach. She wasn’t ready to face Tiffany.

Tiffany took a deep breath, hoping to calm herself down a bit. She hated when people act like this, passive-aggressive.

“You didn’t even bother to tell me that you were leaving, Taeyeon. You also switched off the phone. And I know you didn’t let me know your address.” She spoke bitterly.

Taeyeon bit her lips, guilt consuming her at Tiffany’s painful voice.

“Am I that in-important to you or do you still not see me as a friend?”

“Of course not. I told you before, didn’t I? I wouldn’t have danced with you if I don’t see you as my friend.”

“Then, why…”

“ Can I ask you something?”


“ Why do you care that much?”

“ You avoided me for a week! What was I supposed to do?”



“I texted you I was sick, didn’t I? Besides, don’t you have other friends?”

“Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany gritted her teeth, feeling offended,” That IS very rude.”

“Whatever, Tiffany.” Taeyeon spoke nonchalantly as she ran her hand through her hair,” Now you have seen me, right? I’m fine now. Sorry for making you worry.”

“You like Siwon-oppa?”

“W-what?!” Taeyeon asked, flabbergasted. Where did that come from?!

“ You like him, don’t you? I mean, he’s popular so it’s normal.” Tiffany spoke bitterly, masking her anger with a smug sarcastic grin. She actually noticed Taeyeon’s demeanour changed when Siwon joined them during the party. Then, she ran off and disappeared until today.

“What are you even talking about?!” Taeyeon asked, finding the accusation ridiculous. She didn’t even know Choi Siwon well. She’s not the type to crush on guys just based on their appearances and popularity.

“I should have known.” Tiffany muttered darkly as she prepared to leave.

Taeyeon immediately grabbed her hand, only to be shrugged off by the latter.

“Do you even know what you are saying?!” Taeyeon shouted, emotionally exhausted. She had been gritting her teeth, clenching her fists just to have a normal conversation with the latter without her emotions overpowering her logic.

“Oh, I know what I am saying, friend.” Tiffany snarled as she turned to glare at the latter. “ You want distance right? I will give you distance.”

After sending the menacing glare at Taeyeon, Tiffany turned her back and walked off the platform, leaving the latter alone in her thoughts.


“ So, I’m assuming the talk didn’t go well?”

Taeyeon looked up and saw Yuri pointing at a certain direction. She followed the latter’s gaze and saw Tiffany laughing with a couple of girls and boys across the room.

She silently returned her focus to the book she was reading. It had been four days and 13 hours since Tiffany had treated her like a mere stranger. Heck, they were practically strangers less than three months ago and yet, the feeling that they were now strangers were extremely painful to grasp in her mind. You did to yourself, Taeyeon

“Taeyeon?” Yuri asked agaon, hearing no response from the latter.

“No.” Taeyeon responded plainly, not looking up from the book.

“What happened, Taengoo?”

“Not your business, Yuri. We talked just like you have suggested.”

“I hope you didn’t go emo on her just like you did to us.”


“Taeng…” Yuri sighed, not knowing how to put some sense into the latter. Taeyeon tends to act cold if she felt uncomforable in certain environment and shut herself off from the surroundings. It would take weeks, months for her to go back to her normal self.

“I’m sure you guys are just having a small misunderstanding.”

Taeyeon shrugged, “Whatever.”

“I will say this then. I really don’t want to lose a good friend just because you both didn’t deal with whatever the problem is. And Tiffany’s a genuine friend.”

Taeyeon clenched her jaws and closed the book harshly. She glared at Yuri, “Am I stopping you from going to her, Kwon?”

“I’m just say-“

“She’s a nice girl”,Taeyeon paused, “But whether I talk to Tiffany or not, it’s actually not your business. She’s also your friend. Go, hangout. She would be even a better friend than me on certain topics.”

Yuri deflated, “That’s not what I meant, Taeng!”

Taeyeon ignored Yuri’s response as she put her books into the bag and stood up. “She’s just across the room. You can go to her whenever you want to. I’m off.”

She left the room without looking back.


“-so I told him to get off and hide in the closet.”


Taeyeon laughed heartily as her classmate recounted the funny story while they walked through the streets. The semester’s nearly ending and the winter holiday was approaching. She couldn’t decide whether to stay in Seoul or go back to her family in Jeonju.

Sunny would be visiting Jeju with her family, Yuri would be in Hong Kong and she was sure Hyoyeon would be travelling to wherever she wants to.

“Hey. Isn’t that Tiffany and Siwon-sunbae?”

The thoughts cut off when a certain name was blurted out by her accompanion. She immediately turned to where the latter was pointing and saw the duo across the street, sitting at an outdoor restaurant. Tiffany was swatting Siwon’s teasing hands while laughing.

“Aren’t they a good-looking couple?”

“So, they are dating?”

“Well, they haven’t confirmed anything but whenever Tiffany’s not with her dates, the only guy she hangs around regularly would be Siwon-sunbae.”

“I see.” That’s why

Taeyeon could only chuckle sadly.

“Wait, I thought you were close with her.”

Taeyeon just let out a smile as she hugged her friend sideways and dragged her along. “C’on, we will be late.”

Her friend grinned cheekily as she held Taeyeon by the waist and started to tickle. Taeyeon jumped uncontrollably as she started to laugh breathlessly.

“Ya-YA!!! HAHAHAHA!!!”

She growled as she retaliated by hugging the latter tightly as she out her in a chokehold. Her classmate coughed as she patted her arm repeatedly. Taeyeon smirked as she loosened the hold, not letting go.

“Ya coming with me just like this”, she snickered as she walked forward, hoping to forget the sadness that she felt earlier.

A certain pair of eyes followed the duo along until they disappeared around the corner.


The sounds of the glasses clanking together resonated across the room. The Marketing class was having a dinner together as the professor decided to host the dinner for doing well in the pre-lim exam.

Taeyeon tried not to consume too much alcohol as she knew her limit. She hogged the grill beef from her table to withstand the soju effect.

“Ya! Slow down! You are eating like a pig!” Yuri told her as she looked at her best friend in disgust. The midget was basically inhaling meat from their table.

“Shawrry nott shorrie.”

“God, just talk after you have finished swallowing.” Yuri exclaimed as she wiped Taeyeon’s mouth with some tissue.


Yuri smiled as she patted her friend’s head. “ You can join with me to Hong Kong, ya know. I will be staying alone in the room so you just have to buy the flight ticket.”

Taeyeon shook her head, “It’s your family trip, Yuri-ah. I will be intruding. It’s okay.”

“How about Sunny? I’m sure she will be glad to have you as a company.” Yuri asked as she knew Sunny’s sisters were much older than the latter and they were married. Sunny would be delighted to have Taeyeon along with her to Jeju.

“I will think about it.”


The group looked at the commotion. The Queen of the Campus was drowning the shots accompanied by the cheers from the boys. Tiffany was seated at the table with a majority of the boys with just a couple of girls at the table.

All other boys were surrounding her as she drank the shots given by them.

“Poor her.”

Taeyeon turned to Yuri after the latter commented. Her other classmates at her table were also murmuring agreements.

“Yeah, I agree. I mean she’s THE QUEEN but she’s also human.”

“Yup, she also looks pretty uncomfortable.”

“Should we help her?”

“I don’t think we should. Let’s just go to the table if the situation gets really bad.”

Bad? They are practically forcing her!!!!

Taeyeon bit her lips not to let out a snarking remark. She drank her glass in one go and stood up. She faked a smile and excused herself to the restroom.
Taeyeon sighed as she massaged her forehead. She had been reacting too emotionally to everything related to Tiffany Hwang. This wouldn’t do anything good for her in the long run. Not to mention they’re not even in speaking terms at the moment. She swallowed her sadness down, or she could feel tears trying to get out from her eyes.

She couldn’t handle this. Not this kind of lost-in-control momentum. Not a-

“Every single one of them was acting like a hungry wolf around her as if she’s a piece of meat.” Someone spoke as soon as she entered the restroom.

“She IS a piece of meat anyway.” The other voice snorted, “Just look at how she dressed to the dinner.”

Are they talking about Tiffany?

“I bet she’s already slept with half the boys of the major, or maybe campus.” The first one sniggered.

“Gosh, I’m sure no decent girl can stand being friends with her. Just look at Kim Taeyeon. She barely lasted for a month and now they are not talking anymore.”

The nerve of these women Taeyeon couldn’t believe such words came out of their mouth. To even think that she’s sharing a class with them, Taeyeon knew women liked to gossip and the restrooms were one of the popular places for such deeds. But this had increased to the level of trash talking with groundless accusations.
“ She must be so annoying.I mean even the loner Kim ditched on her.”

“Well, she’s acting like a bi-”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Don’t you even dare to finish that sentence”, Taeyeon could barely recognise her own voice. Her anger overpowering her logic to just stay inside the toilet and not argue with them. Two glasses of beer and one shot of soju could make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Like this one for example, she thought.


The girls froze with shock as one of their gossip subjects just slammed open the toilet door and looked at them coldly.

“Jaehee …right?”

The said girl didn’t say anything as she gulped in fear.

“ I remember you asking Tiffany for help with the weekly assignment last month. I also remember Tiffany completing your assignment on that same day, setting her own assignment aside.”


“So, tell me. What PART of HERS was annoying to you if you asking someone to complete your assignment just two hours before the deadline was not annoying?”

“And YOU said she sleeps around”, Taeyeon paused, “ Do you even have any evidence?”


“ Don’t you girls have better things to do other than gossiping about your fellow classmate?”, Taeyeon snorted at them in disgust, her anger evident in her tone.

“ What’s it to you?”, The girl besides Jaehee responded. The girl approached her and stood in front of her.

“Are you her minion? Well, I don’t owe her anything.”, The girl smirked at her, there wasn’t even a trace of guilt in her voice. “ You both don’t even look at each other anymore, much less talk.”


“ What? Did she share one of her boys with her?”


Taeyeon felt her anger rising to the top as she clenched her fist to punch the woman in front of her. Maybe, this was the great time to test her boxing skills that she had which her parents forced her to attend.

“Maybe I should share them with you instead.”

Taeyeon abruptly turned to the voice in horror. Tiffany was looking at them, hands folded in front, standing outside from the toilet booth at the far end.

Since when was she here?!


Hi Guys!!

I’m very sorry for the late update. I couldn’t update like I wanted to regularly 😭 with school stuff and not mention it was a holiday season so the year end job is no joke. Nevertheless, nothing brings me more joy then updating this.

After this crappy 2016, I pray for you all to have a great 2017.

I will try to update the next chapter ASAP.


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