Taeyeon just wanted to hide into a hole at this moment and screamed her heart out.

She was having a great time talking with Heechul-oppa who found her after she exited the dance floor when Tiffany interrupted with the signature Tiffany Hwang style by cutting herself in between them. When Tiffany casually held her hand intertwining their fingers, she would give anything to take a shot of the dumbfounded look of the legendary Kim Heechul. She, herself couldn’t believe what just happened.

“I was looking for you, Tae-tae.”

“T-tae-tae?” Taeyeon repeated, her ears ringing with the smooth-husky voice. Heechul blinked for a few seconds before turning back to his original mischievous form. She glared at him immediately, knowing him enough to sense what’s he thinking in his head. Don’t you fucking dare.

But Heechul grinned more smugly after receiving her glare. He then turned to Tiffany who was acting aloof to him and offered his hand and bowed.

“Pleased to meet you, Tiffany-ssi.”

Tiffany gave her formal smile and bowed her head, not taking the handshake. Heechul smiled wider as he retracted his hand.

Oh, Taeyeon, Taeyeon

“Do you have any business with my Taeyeon, Tiffany-ssi?”, Heechul asked coolly as he grabbed Taeyeon’s other hand and made her stand besides him. He then put his arm around the latter’s shoulder naturally, patting her hair.

Taeyeon groaned at her friend’s behaviour and tried not to look at Tiffany whose expression seemed to be a bit more darker as the time went by.

“YOUR Taeyeon?”

“Yes, MY Taeyeon.”

“Is she your girlfriend?”

“You see-OW!”

Taeyeon just hit the back of Heechul head while smiling at Tiffany. She then grabbed Tiffany’s hand and decided to leave the chaotic dance floor. Not forgetting to glare at her senior, she gritted her teeth and smiled evilly, “You better prepare when Auntie kicks you out, Oppa.”

“I was just kidding!” Heechul groaned as Taeyeon snorted. See ya later, she mumbled as she proceeded to leave, forgetting she was dragging another person.

“I won’t go away, you know?”

“I’m sorry!” Taeyeon immediately withdrew her hand from the latter. She looked down at the wrist in concern, “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” Sensing the smile from Tiffany’s response,Taeyeon sighed in relief. She leaned back and chuckled. “That Heechul-oppa was just being a lunatic as usual.”

“I didn’t know you had seniors as your friends.”

“Oh, just him and a couple of his close friends. They all are nice actually.”

“My, my…there’s still so much I don’t know about you.”


“Do introduce them to me some time.”

“Err, sure, of course.” Taeyeon could responded awkwardly,not understanding her friend. She couldn’t make out the smile that Tiffany’s putting on at this moment. Is this the alcohol or the brunette beauty looked pissed? She didn’t know. Maybe, she was just genuinely interested in Heechul-oppa’s friends, knowing Tiffany’s record of dating people.

Yet, it still felt like a bitter pill to swallow.

“You look beautiful tonight, Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon immediately felt her face burning from the shyness and looked down, the sound of her heartbeats over-shadowing her sense of hearing over the jamboree that’s occurring. She smiled sheepishly and looked at Tiffany albeitly.Taeyeon could only duck under the intense stare that the girl was giving.

“You look gorgeous as always.” Taeyeon muttered, observing the latter from head to toe. Her lustrous wavy hair swept to one side of her shoulders, displaying her distinctive collarbone, emphasized by the red strapless sequined bodycon dress ending just below her rear.

Four inches black color heels made her stand out from the others, accentuating her height. She couldn’t look anymore or her heart would burst out from her chest, she swallowed inwardly. Not good, Taeyeon Not good

The low husky chuckle made Taeyeon felt the warmth inside her despite the cold temperature in the room with woozy alcohol smell in the room.

“So where’s your date?”


“Date who?”


“Well, you said you’re coming with someone.”


“Oh, he’s around”,Tiffany shrugged nonchalantly, sipping her cocktail. Taeyeon didn’t ask further as she suspected the latter won’t give out anything specific.

“You? Any date?” Tiffany smirked teasingly.

Taeyeon chuckled and shook her head,” Nope, I brought a friend instead.”




“Nope. It’s –“




Taeyeon turned around and saw Sunny trying to come over to her while passing over the dancing crowd. She looked at Tiffany again to excuse herself,”Wait a sec, I’ll be back.”

She immediately went to Sunny and helped her exit the dance floor.

“Where’s Hyo?”


“ Still dancing. I left to get more booze.” Sunny replied, showing her empty glass, “Who’s the pretty gal you are talking to?”


“It’s Tiffany. And you shouldn’t drink anymore, Sunkyu. I thought you have classes tomorrow.” Taeyeon warned as they walked back to where Tiffany was standing.

“It’s no big deal and don’t change the subject. WOW” ,Sunny whistled seeing the latter finally in flesh.

Sunny nudged her best friend in the ribs teasingly, “You got game, Taeyeon. I’m impressed.”

Taeyeon pinched her waist in return and gritted her teeth, “Don’t even start it, Lee Soonkyu. Don’t you dare.”

Tiffany was still standing, hands folded in front, ignoring the stares of the guys around her. Acting unresponsive to their not-so-quiet comment, she made sure they know she’s not interested. Taeyeon quickly walked over with Sunny in tow, towards Tiffany.

“Hey, you okay?” She asked, holding the brunette by her elbow.

Tiffany nodded and Taeyeon thought she looked strange but the thought disappeared as soon as it appeared. The latter seemed to be a bit out of ordinary tonight or it’s her alcohol-induced thinking Tiffany smiled although she was sure the girl was faking it for the reason she didn’t know. Did I do sth wrong? She was fine just a while ago


“I’m okay. Just a bit annoyed.” Tiffany whispered, her head pointing towards the bunch of guys who’s looking at the latter like a piece of meat.

Taeyeon gritted her teeth and held the girl’s waist protectively and started to pull away from the crowd. “C’on, let’s go to the other place.”

A hand suddenly poked Taeyeon’s cheek and she looked to see Tiffany smiling widely at her, her signature eyes showing crescents. Taeyeon unknowingly held her breath at the smile, she swore she would never get used to that mega-watt smile of Tiffany Hwang. Never

“You are forgetting your date, Kim Midget.”

Taeyeon groaned and went back to Sunny, her hand still around Tiffany’s waist. She took Sunny’s hand with her free hand and decided to go together, “What are you, ten? You could have just followed me, Sunkyu.”


“You brought me, it’s your responsibility.” Sunny huffed, let her dragged along to YoonYul’s booth.


“My..my… what do we have here, Taeyeon? Two girlfriends?” Yuri teased along with Yoona snickering when they saw the trio.

“Zip it, you Kkab.” Taeyeon growled as she took a seat besides Tiffany who just sat down. She leaned further back into the couch, feeling exhaustion from dancing and dragging people.

“Here, this is just water.”

She opened one of her eyes and felt Tiffany putting her right hand on the cold glass. She smiled and mouthed “Thanks” in return.

“Why don’t you introduce us, Taengoo?”

Taeyeon glanced at Sunny and saw her pointing toward the latter besides her. She nodded and looked at Tiffany.

“Tiffany, this is Lee Sunkyu aka Sunny, the shortest and the meanest Best Friend of mine.”




“ And Sunny, this is Tiffany Hwang, my classmate and we have few classes together.”


“Just classmates, Tae?” Tiffany asked calmly, looking at her fully. Taeyeon swallowed nervously, feeling herself getting sweaty.

“U-um, of course not! You’re one of my good friends, Fany. I was just explaining to Sunny on how we knew each other.”

She then felt her hand clutched tightly by Tiffany. She looked at the girl and saw the frown on the latter. She wanted to scream inside, frustrated with the ever changing mood of the latter. What is it again


“Nice to meet you, Tiffany-ssi. You can just call me Sunny.” Sunny extended her hand across the table. Tiffany smiled courteously in return and shook her hand in return, “Nice to meet you too, Sunny-ssi. Please just call me Tiffany.”

“Then you can also drop the formalities.”


“All right.” Tiffany replied, smiling.

“Taeyeon had told me a lot about you by the way”, Sunny remarked, ignoring the flabbergasted look that just appeared on Taeyeon.

“Good things I hope”, Tiffany smiled, looking sideway to the blushing girl besides her.

“Believe me, all are good things. I was even getting irritated with how seemingly perfect you are according to the midget.”

“Lee Sunkyu!”,Taeyeon shrieked, she could feel her face burning enough to boil water.

“What? I’m just saying the truth”, Sunny grinned widely, raising her glass towards the fuming latter who looked like she’s gonna breathe fire. She then glanced back to Tiffany whose expression became more relaxed and brightened.So the Kkab wasn’t wrong after all

“Where is your date, Fany-unnie?”, Yoona joined in a mini-teasing tirade, trying her best not to laugh at Taeyeon’s face.

“Oh, he’s around.”


“Maybe he can join us.” Yuri also commented, earning a glare from Taeyeon. She just shrugged it off and fist-bumped with Yoona under the table.

“It’s fine. I don’t even know where he is at the moment” Tiffany pointed out the huge crowd, indicating she’s not that eager to find her date in this drunken group of people.

“I’m gonna go join Hyoyeon.” Taeyeon stood up abruptly, irritated with her friends’ teasing. Anywhere but here was fine at this moment. She also had the lack of skill in hiding her expression department and this situation is clearly not helping reduce the blush on her face.

“Wait, I will come!” Yuri also stood up, excited about dancing with Hyoyeon. She shouldn’t let this opportunity wasted. Dancing is the best when you have the right partner and Hyoyeon just lights up the dance floor whenever she dances.

“Well, I’m gonna stay here. I just got back from dancing.” Sunny responded, making way for Yuri to exit the booth. Yoona also decided to stay in the booth, knowing the attention she had been receiving especially joining the popular drama.

“You should also ask Tiffany, Taeyeon.”, Sunny commented, seeing the latter’s subtle glance towards her best friend. Taeyeon shook her head, “Pani should rest, Sunny. She just sat here.”


“I’m fine, Tae.”


“You can join us later. Not now.” Taeyeon still denied, worried about the unwanted attention they will receive with Tiffany joining the dance floor.

Her concern came from the horny bunch of male terrestorones blatantly checking the brunette out. It was better Tiffany just chilled in the booth in her opinion. And not to mention, the glances and the not-so-quiet talks she would hear. She also preferred the low-key moments of herself, not wanting unnecessary attention while she decided to let loose.

“Too late, Tae. I’m feeling the mood.” Tiffany replied as she finished two shots of vodka in one go ignoring the speechless look she just received from the girls seeing her gulping down the drinks.She put down her second glass and took the bitter taste of alcohol taking over her senses. Her tongue swirling over her lower-lip, Tiffany grinned finally feeling the hype of the party with the help of vodka. She then turned to walk the dance floor, wobbling a bit.

“Fany!” Taeyeon shouted, holding Tiffany by her shoulders. Tiffany looked up and smiled at the latter widely.”I’m fine.”


“No, you are not! You just had two shots. I thought you said you had three glasses just now!”


“Pfft, I’m fine~”



“I’m an adult. I know my limits, Tae-tae.”



Taeyeon looked at Sunny who’s smirking at her, amused. She scowled and showed her fellow-midget the middle finger and turned back to Tiffany. “Look, you can join us later okay? Just sit here for a while.”


“Nuh-uh.” Tiffany shook her head, pouting. Taeyeon cursed inwardly, feeling frustrated. She shouldn’t have come to the party. Nothing had been going her way these days, especially tonight.

The strong Victoria Secret perfume that Tiffany’s wearing also took over Taeyeon’s sense of smelling. The scent had been particularly mostly what Taeyeon smelled of recently. And now, with the latter in her own breathing space, she had been gritting her teeth not to do anything she would regret.

A finger on her lip woke Taeyeon from her trances. She slowly looked at the owner who blinded her with that breath-taking smile. Again. Within two hours, Taeyeon literally felt she had lost control of her two senses. First,she could only smell strong musky floral sense and second, she couldn’t seem to actually see anything except Tiffany Hwang Miyoung, the darling of the university, the heart-breaker and the queen of the campus.

And that girl just pulled her lower lip with her finger. Shit

You’re screwed, Kim Taeyeon, you’re screwed


“Relax, Tae-tae.” Tiffany leaned back, gently grabbing the arms that held her shoulders with her own hands, “It’s just dancing. What could go wrong?”

“Yup, what could go wrong?”

Screw you, Black Baboon. Screw you!



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