“Are you okay?”

Taeyeon turned to her left and saw Sunny looking at her in concern. They were at their usual hideout, which was her rented apartment. She always preferred being alone and having her own space. Occasionally, Sunny or Yul would stop by and tried to drag her out of her bed and spend time together.


“You look distracted. Something happened?” Sunny asked, observing her. Taeyeon played with her food as she mumbled, “Distracted? What a word…”

Taeyeon contemplated for a while and responded,“Maybe. I don’t know…

“What? Did he contact you again?!” Sunny sat up and looked at the latter intently.

Taeyeon sighed, fully knowing whom she meant. “No, of course not. It’s something else. Definitely not him.”

“You can tell me anything, you know?”

“I know. But not yet.” Taeyeon smiled, despite her confused feelings.

Sunny looked at her silently and returned to her computer, “Well, if you need me, I’m always available.”

Taeyeon smiled at her widest and hugged her friend tightly. “I know you do, Thank you.”

Sunny smiled at her with the same intensity and continued typing on her computer. “By the way, after my semester ends, I will be working at my aunt’s art gallery.”

“Really?!” Taeyeon became excited at her friend’s announcement. Sunny knew her obvious love for anything related to art.

Sunny rolled her eyes at the excitement and chuckled, “Haha. Yes, I will be working at the upcoming exhibit. This time it will be at Leeum. I am saving you some tickets so that you can bring along a friend.”

“I don’t think I h-“

“Just take both in case you bring someone.”






“Will you be coming to the party on Thursday?” Yuri asked her best friend as soon as she sat down. Taeyeon frowned as she heard the word, ”Party”. Her name is “Taeyeon” for “Calm”. The calm person never likes parties. That’s for sure.

“I don’t want to but-“

“You need to.” Yuri pointed out as she took out her notes from her bag. “You didn’t attend the party last year, Tae. It’s not nice, you know.”

Taeyeon nodded silently. She needed to be present at the party. Taeyeon didn’t hate parties. She just could not stand the rowdy crowd that appeared once they had a lot of alcohol and a few drugs in their system. And people would start to smoke and it would get difficult to breath. And not to mentio-

“If you are listing a million reasons of why you shouldn’t attend the party in your head, you can stop it. “ Yuri looked at her pointedly while folding her arms. Taeyeon bit her lips in annoyance and huffed.

“Just come. I will be there; Hyo will also be there. I also heard Yoona will also be coming, if her schedule let her.”

Taeyeon groaned hearing Yoona’s name. It’s not that she didn’t want to see Yoona but if the new breaks out that the goddess of Drama Department and the popular new actress is attending the party, there will be a horde of perverted boys surrounding them. But, it’s the annual gathering of all departments from the university; it would be rude of her to skip the party the second time. She sighed and reluctantly nodded. “I promise I will come but if you disappear from my side for more than thirty seconds, I’m leaving.”

Yuri laughed and fist-pumped as she finally managed to get the home fairy out of her shell, as she described Taeyeon’s apartment.

“I’m serious, Kwon. I will get out of there as soon as I don’t see you or Hyo-Choding.” Taeyeon spoke sternly as she started to open her book to review the notes before the lecturer came in.

Yuri laughed as she hugged her by the shoulders, “Got it, Taengoo-nim. ”

Taeyeon growled at her friend’s antics and turned away. Tiffany’s not taking the same class for this subject so it was just two of them like before. Somehow, her absence seemed very obvious for her suddenly.

“You are becoming a topic in this campus, you know?”

Taeyeon widened her eyes and looked at Yuri immediately, “WHAT?!”

“Shh.” Yuri muttered as she looked around, “Not so loud.”

“How?When?Wh-“ Taeyeon blabbered as she went into shock.

“Too many whats,” Yuri slapped Taeyeon’s back as she chuckled. “It’s no surprise you know, you are getting close with the queen of the campus so suddenly. People would whisper behind your back of course.”

Taeyeon frowned and her eyebrows knitted. “But isn’t it okay to make friends?”

“It IS okay, It’s just the loner Kim becomes friends with the Queen. Of course, it’s interesting for them. Besides, I also got myself a few admirers who started to appreciate my beauty.”Yuri smirked as she waved her hand through her hair in a sexy manner. Taeyeon rolled her eyes and made some vomiting sounds to show her irritation.





Taeyeon was starting to drift off to neverland when something extremely cold touched her right cheek. “WHAT TH-“

A hand immediately covered her scream, shutting her up effectively. She then smelled a very familiar scent that she found herself smelling these days. Frutiy floral scent that screamed ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ and the only person that Taeyeon knew who was a Victoria Secret’s regular customer, The Tiffany Hwang.

She looked up to see the owner of blindingly beautiful eye-smiles signalling her to be quiet. She mumbled a bit incoherent words despite still being covered with Tiffany’s palm. But she’s not sure if she really want that hand to be removed from her mouth. Wait, what?

“I was just late for ten minutes and you are already snoozing?” Tiffany joked as she removed her hand from Taeyeon’s mouth. She then proceeded to take a seat opposite from the latter and started to take out the books.

Lack of response made her look up just to see Taeyeon in her own world again. She sighed softly and chuckled looking at her cute friend. She smirked and ran her through her hair. “I know that I’m beautiful. You don’t need to look at me that much.”

Taeyeon immediately coughed and blushed. And people say Kanye was over-confident…


“By the way, are you going to the party tomorrow?” Tiffany asked as she remembered Yuri mentioning about Taeyeon’s avoidance of parties.

“I don’t know…I’m still thinking about it.” Taeyeon shrugged nonchalantly as she slowly turned the pages of the book. She felt the girl’s stare on her but she didn’t look up. “You are going, right?” Taeyeon asked in return although she knew the obvious answer.

“Yeah, I promised someone I will come.” Tiffany responded, not giving it much thought, oblivious to the slump in shoulders from the latter.

“I see”, Taeyeon bit her lips as she tried not to get affected of Tiffany’s going to the rowdiest party of the year with a date. She didn’t even know why she would feel down about the matter. Tiffany had been dating during the time they became friends and before that and it was not news to anyone.

“Do come though.”

Taeyeon’s thoughts cut short when she heard the husky voice. She looked up and saw Tiffany’s staring in her a way that she couldn’t figure out. “I-I will.”

Then she saw Tiffany showed that mega-watt smile of hers and started to focus on her notes. Her mood seemed chirpier than before and that made Taeyeon smile in response.




“So you are bringing Sunny along?”

Taeyeon nodded as she licked her ice-cream. Ice-cream is her life. “Of course, I will. She can accompany me after all.”

“Oh, I thought you would be asking Tiffany.”

Taeyeon stopped licking and looked at her friend as if she had grown a pair of horns.“Why would you think that?”

Yuri just shrugged in response and diverted her attention back to her smoothie. Taeyeon shook her head in disbelief and scoffed. “You do realise you have been adding Tiffany into conversation whenever we talk these days, right?”

“Do I?”

“You do! Now you think I’m gonna bring Tippani to the party without even asking. Besides, she has a date.”

“OH! So that’s why.” Yuri smirked teasingly as she nudged her friend.  Taeyeon glared at her and pointed her finger accusingly. “What are you trying to say, Kwon Yuri?”

“Nothing.” Yuri smiled, trying to look innocent. Taeyeon snorted at her friend’s acting and went back to eating.




The time to go to the party has arrived.


After a whole day of texting Yuri with countless of reasons to not to go to the party, she stopped her reasoning after Yuri replied her messages with the photo of Tiffany pouting and a text “Please come~”.

She groaned as she tried to adjust her black ripped pants that she had decided to wear to the party. She’s not being arrogant but she knew that she looked good with the olive color blouson jacket with the black t-shirt tucked inside with the black pants. But it didn’t mean she was comfortable In those.

“I can’t feel my face when I’m with you~But I li-“


“Yo, where you at?”


“That I know. I got you coming when I sent that, HAHA.”


“Anyway, Yoona’s with me. Say hello to the moody midget, Yoong.”


Taeyeon winced and put her phone away from her ear as the girl shouted with her signature aegyo voice. Sunny’s aegyo may be annoying as she did it on the regular basis but Yoona’s cringy voice was on a whole another level.

“I’m still here, Im Yoona. No need to shout.”

“Hehe. Anyway, we’re gonna pick you up. Are you outside of your apartment?”

“Yeah, I am. Are you guys near?”

“We think so. We will be there in five minutes, unnie.”

“Immm, see ya later,dongsaeng.” Taeyeon replied as she ended the call. She then looked around her neighbourhood and saw Tiffany’s condo area across the main road.

They hadn’t talked or texted the whole day except the photo that Yuri took of her and a text that Taeyeon knew she wrote.


The owner of the name had been on her mind for some time already. She couldn’t figure out why she’s so curious about her. She’s not someone who’s likely to stalk around the queen of the business major but she would find herself looking through the photos she posted publicly and her profile picture on facebook. The latter had not changed the profile picture and yet, she would check it nearly every night and she started to felt creepy at herself.




Taeyeon looked up and she was immediately tackled into a big hug. Her surprised face slowly loosened and smiled as she returned the hug with the same intensity. It had been some time that she met Yoona last time. The latter had been busy these days that they could only keep in touch with chatting on the weekends.

“Hey, Ms.Actress. And that greeting was not necessary.”

“Haha,Hey back, Unnie. And WOW, I have to say, you look good tonight. You should dress like that regularly.” Yoona commented as she scanned Taeyeon from head to toe. Taeyeon blushed from the compliment and looked down on the ground, smiling sheepishly.

“Yeah, I didn’t know you had a fashion bone in your body. Trying to impress someone?” Yuri snickered as she looked over from the car window. Taeyeon glared at her menacingly and showed her the middle finger only the latter to laugh louder.

“You like someone now?” Yoona asked amused.

Taeyeon groaned as she shook her head. “No! That Kwon just being a Kkab. Come one, we still have to pick up Sunny and head to the party.”






The party was as crowded as she had anticipated since every major was invited with all years around. She felt some looks from the party goers but she just hanged around the girls, making it clear that she didn’t want to entertain a single one of them.

“You should loosen up and have fun, Taeyeon.” Sunny commented as she looped her arm with her. She then finished her fourth glass of maekju in one go. Taeyeon grimaced as Sunny let out a satisfied sound.

“I don’t know how you can drink that much with that tiny body of yours.” Taeyeon spoke as she started to sway to the music due to Sunny’s dancing with arms attached.

“God’s given, my friend. But, thanks for the invitation. I didn’t know your uni’s party gives such a great free booze.” Sunny replied as she looked around the place.

“And I have to say, you look really good tonight.” Sunny continued as she looked at Taeyeon’s sideways. She knew that her timid friend would be blushing although it’s invisible due to the dark surroundings.

“I heard Yuri’s comment about you looking good for someone. Is it the Tiffany that I have been hearing a lot recently?”

“N-No! Of course not!”

“I see,” Sunny commented as she smirked. “I love you but I still have get used to it if you decided to switch, Sweet Peas.”

“I don’t even swing that way!”

“Is she beautiful?”

“Well, she is but it doesn’t mean I like her, Soonkyu.”

“I didn’t mention anything about liking her.”

“I- Ughh..” Taeyeon grunted as she lost ideas of how to respond. Sunny laughed at her friend as she took her bestfriend by the hand.

“Haha, relax. I was just teasing you. C’on, let’s go to the dance floor.”


Taeyeon let her friend drag her to the floor as she grumbled about strangling a kkab monkey and her regretful acceptation to the party. Sunny then let go of her hand as the DJ started to change the music to the EDM that included more beats and the crowd started to get more excited.

Taeyeon decided to let the thought of searching for Tiffany away as she figured out the latter could also be having fun with her date. The music started to get louder and Taeyeon felt the vodka she drank earlier started to get into her system. She put her arm around Sunny’s shoulder as she started to jump to the music.

It didn’t take long for people to started acting like a bunch of monkeys, Taeyeon included. She also drank her second glass of vodka with diet coke brought by Hyoyeon who joined the duo not long after. They let loose to the music, forgetting their stress, never ending assignments and the future.




After twenty minutes of dancing, Taeyeon decided to go to Yuri and Yoona’s booth. She tried not to bump into people as nearly everyone seemed to be drunk and they were dancing with their uncoordinated feet and wobbly legs. The music had also gotten considerably louder and noisier and the crowd seemed to get bigger and rowdier.

Just when Taeyeon started to feel joy of being able to escape from the dance floor, an arm wrapped around her waist suddenly and someone leaned into her ear.


“I have been searching for you, Miss Kim”





Yo! Sorry, it took sometime for me to update here!  I was caught up with my studies and work and damn! Now it’s December😭

I hope to finish this story of mine within a month as I think this won’t go more than 15 chapters. I hope you all are getting ready for 2017 with resolution plans and stuff. For me, I never actually complete my plan but over the years, it’s progressing better. Besides, it’s fun imagining myself doing things and completing them although I actually don’t in real life. XD

I will share with what I found on Facebook and I know we all relate to this one. 




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