Tiffany frowned at her name called in not-so-good pronunciation. But, not many knew her birth name except Jessica, her family and a few close friends. She lowered her stance for a bit and looked sternly at the girl with the Pepero Hair who looked like she’s barely legal to enter the club.

“Do I know you?”

Taeyeon gulped as she slowly removed Sooyoung’s hold on her arm and started to walk a few steps towards the duo. She could feel her heart beating fast if it was struggling to get out of her chest. All she could focus was the very familiar eyes that were staring back at her with suspicion and hostility. She could careless about it.

“Miyoung, it’s me Taeyeon. “


Tiffany immediately felt the strong sense of familiarity as she repeated the same word that the girl just said. Taeyeon

But she couldn’t point out exactly where she heard the name before. She looked at the girl again who was slowly walking towards her. The face became more distinctive as the distance between them decreased. Her heart was beating a lot and yet she didn’t know why.

A strong nudge at her waist woke Tiffany up from her trance. She nearly forgot Jessica was behind her. “The girl knows your name. Do you know her?” Jessica asked as she continued to stand behind her.


“Stepani, it’s me. Kim Taeyeon from Jeonju. We worked together at Lotte World a few years ago.”

Lotte World

The only part-time job Tiffany had ever done in her life and one of the most memorable times of her life that she cherished. Tiffany looked at the girl in front of her again. The soothing voice, the milky-white skin and the onyx eyes that no one else had.



Taeyeon felt like she could float over clouds as soon as her nickname came out of Miyoung’s mouth. She didn’t even realize the latter was running towards her in the record speed.When she felt the body ran into her, hugging tightly , arms shaking, her heart fluttered. Her argument with Sooyoung, her job and her duties long forgotten.

Tiffany couldn’t believe she was hugging Taeyeon. The only friend she had when she was in Seoul five years ago who stood by her side, lending her ears when she needed someone, shielding her from bullies at the theme park who taunted her. She felt the immediate warmth seeping through her skin as the latter hugged back, hands holding her waist, as they never wanted to let go.

Taeyeon felt the entire load she carried for a few years on her shoulders vanished instantly as Tiffany snuggled into her, head resting on her shoulder.

“We meet again, Miyoung.”

Tiffany chuckled at her ancient Korean name that she never used. But, it’s okay. It’s Taeyeon. She could forgive anything at the moment.

“Hi, Tae-Tae. I can’t believe I meet you again.”

Taeyeon leaned back again to see her Angel smiling brightly at her with her eyes turning into crescents. Her heart couldn’t beat anymore faster and yet, she felt like it’s beating faster than ever. She gave out the best smile she could give as she nodded.

“I can’t believe it either. And, you seem taller than ever.” Taeyeon pouted as she checked the latter out finally. Tiffany chuckled as they slowly released her embrace.“I was taller than you anyway in the first place.”,she winked playfully.Taeyeon looked a lot different from the last time she saw. The latter was a bit chubby with brown hair and very playful and innocent.The current Taeyeon she’s seeing looked a lot more mature as if she had experienced many hardships in her life.

She could also feel the shorter girl’s strong and firm muscles from the hug although it’s no visible. And the eyes. Her calm, onyx colored eyes along with her soothing, angelic voice that made her mysterious stayed unchanged.


A coughing voice broke their staring trance. Taeyeon turned to her back and saw Sooyoung smirking at her with the knowing look. She scowled, as she knew the guy would be playing twenty questions with her tomorrow.

“I don’t want to interrupt your little heartwarming reunion, Taengoo but your walkie-talkie has been calling for you for a few times now.” Sooyoung spoke as he pointed out at the device on Taeyeon’s back pocket.

“Shit!” Taeyeon cursed as she remembered her supposed job just now. She immediately took out the device and radioed back.

“Taeyeon to Valet. Over.”

“Noona! Where are you?”

 “Parking Lot. Coming back.”

 “Arasso. Palli. We need you at the entrance.”



“You are working here?!” Tiffany asked as she finally realized after the conversation.

“Yeah, I am.” Taeyeon replied as she put back the radio into her pocket. She then took out her earpiece and put it into her ear.

“C’on, Tiff! I don’t think the guy is dangerous. Let’s go, we are late for the party”, Jessica finally shouted, feeling left out. And there’s so many things that she wanted to ask her best friend after witnessing just now.

“Okay!” Tiffany replied as she turned around to see Jessica folding her arms, impatient.

“Would you mind introducing us, Taeng?” Sooyoung spoke as he finally stood beside the latter. Taeyeon nodded as she pointed towards Tiffany, “Miyoung, this is Sooyoung, my irritating best friend. Sooyoung, this is Miyoung.”

“Tiffany.” Tiffany corrected.

“Tippani?” Taeyeon repeated, bewildered. Sooyoung chuckled at her pronunciation and ruffled her hair playfully. “It’s Tiffany, you idiot.”

 “Anyway, Tiffany-ssi’s friend is right. We are getting late for the party.” Sooyoung reminded as he gave the girls his signature smile but nobody seemed affected. He pouted as Taeyeon snorted.

“And, I have to go back to my post. If I get fired, it’s on you, Giant.”

“Don’t think this is over, Taeyeon. We still need to talk about this.” Sooyoung spoke sternly, remembering what they were bickering about earlier before Tiffany and her friend interrupted.

“ Yeah, yeah, C’on. I still have to guide you to the VIP entrance.” Taeyeon sighed as she prepared to go back.

“I’m still here.” Tiffany spoke out as she felt left out and annoyed at the duo’s interaction. Taeyeon turned to her and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, Miyoung. Are you also here for the party?”

“I guess.” Tiffany replied as she beckoned Jessica to come over. “My friend, Jessica and I are invited to Donghae-oppa’s party. But I didn’t imagine seeing you again like this.”

Taeyeon tried not to get affected by the name that was just mentioned. It could just be the latter’s close friend or senior. “I see. Well then, follow me. I will show you towards the entrance.”



Junyoung finally breathed in relief as he saw Taeyeon coming back after fifteen minutes disappearance. People are getting more crowded and they were trying their best to hold off the partygoers who were seemed very eager to join the VIP party hosted on the executive floor.

Taeyeon nodded towards her colleague in gratitude before turning back towards her friends. “Follow Junyoung. He will take you to the executive floor. And guys,enjoy the party.”

Tiffany stared at the back of the latter as she proceeded to tend to the queue with the serious demeanor. She didn’t even remember getting on the lift as she was in her own thoughts.

“Her number!” She shouted unknowingly after some time, stunning the people on the lift.

Sooyoung chuckled as he shook his head. “You remember that just now?”

 “Yeah”, Tiffany smiled sheepishly as she ducked her head. She was too engrossed in the sudden reunion with Taeyeon that she forgot to do the most important thing; asking Taeyeon’s number.

“It’s okay”, Sooyoung spoke,” I will give you her number, no worries.”

 “Thank you.”


“Can I also get her number?”

The two looked at the guy and glared.




Tiffany turned to look at Donghae walking towards her, holding two glasses of vodka in his hands. She groaned internally, not knowing how to reject the drink offer.

“Hi, oppa. Happy Birthday. I’m sorry I didn’t bring any present.”

 “It’s fine. Just you being here is already the best present for me.” Donghae replied as he smiled at her widely. Tiffany could only simply smiled back as she tried to find Jessica. That annoying ice princess disappeared whenever she needed her help.

“Would you mind honoring a toast with the birthday boy, Fany?” Donghae asked as he raised two glasses that he brought with him.

 “Ummm…” Tiffany delayed answering as she had no intention to take his offer. The guy had been after her ever since she started studying here. She had made it obvious, she’s not interested in him and yet, the persistent guy didn’t even budge.She knew it’s the best not to take his drink, and who knew if he put something in it.

“C’on, Fany.”

 “You see-“

“If she doesn’t, I will.” A voice interrupted as Tiffany saw a hand taking one of the glasses from Donghae’s hand suddenly. She turned and saw Sooyoung taking the vodka in one shot.

“Ah…Man, it’s tasty. Hyung!!!Happy Birthday!” Sooyoung shouted as he proceeded to hug the guy tightly acting oblivious to the flabbergasted and the extremely irritated look on the latter who looked like he just smelled a shit load of dog poop.

“S-soo, Hi!” Donghae smiled fakely at the latter, gritting his teeth. “What a pleasure seeing you here.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, Hyung.” Sooyoung smirked proudly as he winked at the girl sideways. Tiffany stifled her laugh, feeling grateful for his help.

“Hyung, I heard Kisoo’s got you something very special. Wanna come and see?” Sooyoung whispered in Donghae’s ear as he sneakily took another glass from the guy’s hand.

Donghae gulped as he contemplated. Tiffany, The Tiffany. The star he’s been trying to reach but still hadn’t been fruitful. He just couldn’t wait to taste that sweet lips of hers an-

“It’s your birthday, Hyung. You should make some memory.” Sooyoung continued.

Donghae sighed heavily and closed his eyes. Screw this. I am supposed to be having fun.

“You are right, Soo. I should.” Donghae smirked as he nudged the guy’s shoulder playfully. Sooyoung made a mock salute in return and pointed towards the area. “They are waiting for you over there.”

 “Okay”, Donghae nodded as he turned to Tiffany. “It was nice talking to you, Tiff. Thank you for coming,”

 “You’re welcome, Oppa.”

“I will see you later,hmm?” He touched her elbow gently.

Tiffany smiled stiffly at the touch and nodded. Later, the better.

“Have fun, Hyung! I will follow you later.” Sooyoung waved as the guy disappeared into the crowd. Then, he looked at the girl besides him.

“So, you are the girl who’s Donghae-hyung has been talking about?” Sooyoung remarked as he remembered Donghae mentioning about wanting to conquer a certain pretty lady he met at the event.

“And I don’t think I wanna know what he has talked about me.” Tiffany faked a smile as she turned around to grab her own champagne.

Sooyoung playfully raised his arms, as he replied, “No comment on that, Tiffany-ssi.”

“Just Tiffany is fine.”

“You can call me Sooyoung or Soo for short.” Sooyoung introduced himself as he followed the latter to one of the sitting booth.

“I know we just met but thank you for what you did earlier. But I am not in-“

“Hey, I know. I’m not going to make any advance on you, don’t worry.” Sooyoung replied casually as he knew the girl might have heard of his reputation around girls.“Besides, bros before hoes right?” Sooyoung whispered at the last sentence, mind wandering off to a certain stubborn midget downstairs.

“Pardon?” Tiffany asked as she didn’t hear clearly of what he said.

“Nothing”, Sooyoung shrugged as he finished the cocktail he took from Donghae. “So, you are Taeyeon’s old friend huh?”

“Yeah, it has been around five years since I saw her until tonight.” Tiffany spoke candidly as she smiled at the thought of her friend.

Sooyoung silently observed the latter’s expression as he chuckled softly.That midget’s damn lucky

“Speaking of Taeyeon, how did you two meet? Are you her best friend?” Tiffany asked,wanting to know more about Taeyeon’s life that she missed. And Sooyoung who’s well-known around the clubs for his strings of hookups seemed to be very close with Taeyeon. And she hoped it’s not any of the endless assumptions she just thought in a mere few seconds.

“We haven’t hooked up in case you are wondering”,Sooyoung replied in a nonchalant tone, “She’s very gorgeous, I give her that. But she’s my bestest best friend, nothing more.”

 “I see,” Tiffany replied in a casual tone but she couldn’t help feeling a sense of relief. But, why was she getting worked up about? It doesn’t matter anyway.

“We go to the same uni, same major, same year. BTM at Kaist, 2nd year.”

“2nd year? But Taeyeon’s supposed to be…” Tiffany knitted her eyebrows in confusion. And she was also surprised to hear the major the latter was taking.

“I know. She’s nearly two years older than me. She didn’t immediately enroll after the high school. She enrolled a year later but she had to immediately take a leave three months after she started. Then, we met after she returned.” Sooyoung explained but felt sorry towards Taeyeon. He couldn’t help but felt the sense of sadness whenever he thought of the things that the girl went through within the last couple of years. Although, he met her after it all happened but he could feel the poor girl was still carrying those wounds inside her.

Tiffany nodded, slowly absorbing the details. She didn’t need to ask anything as she looked at Sooyoung’s solemn face. She wanted to ask more but she knew her boundaries. She would just ask Taeyeon personally if they meet again, hoping to help her along the way.

“Thank you for telling me.” Tiffany smiled in gratitude towards Sooyoung, “I’m glad she has found a friend in you.”

Sooyoung smiled widely at the latter’s comment, heart swelled with pride, “I’m glad I found a friend in her, too. She’s special, that one.”

“Haha that I agree.”

“You know, sh-“

“I hope you are not wooing her.”

Both looked up and saw Jessica looking at Sooyoung with her cold stare, folding her arms across her chart, eyebrows raised. Tiffany bowed at Sooyoung apologetically and pulled her friend to sit down with her.

“He’s not. We’re just talking.”

“I hope so.”

“Chillax, Princess. I won’t do anything towards Taeyeon’s bestfriend. She will kill me even before if I start thinking about it.” Sooyoung responded, hoping to decrease the tension.

“So, this Taeyeon that we just met whom I didn’t even know existed, was your best friend?” Jessica asked, still bewildered about the information she received tonight.

“Before I answer about that, where the hell were you when Donghae approached me?”,Tiffany glared at Jessica as the girl just smiled guiltily, drinking her champagne.



“As much as I don’t want to interrupt your little chat, I will have to say this as Taeyeon’s best friend who care for her another best friend.” Sooyoung intercepted their chat, looking straightforward at Tiffany.

“Donghae-hyung and I are …a bit similar in a sense. Yes, I flirt and I hook up if I see the night will continue,”Sooyoung talked ignoring the snort from Jessica, “But, Donghae-hyung …won’t stop once he’s made up his mind whether the other party likes it or not.”

“I know, and I will keep that in mind. Thanks. “

Sooyoung nodded in response and let out his signature-crooked smile. He then filled his glass with Martell and raised it towards the girls. “Then ladies, if you don’t mind, I came here to have fun and have fun I shall.”

Jessica scowled and retorted sarcastically, “Nobody’s stopping you.”

“You are pretty but too feisty,” Sooyoung teased as he got up to join the dance floor. He still had to find the girl he brought with.

“You don’t need to be that cold, Jessi. He was actually nice and friendly.”

“Pfft, Like I care.”

“Well, I don’t like Donghae either. You need to stop giving him path to get into my pants! And you also heard Sooyoung just now. He’s just another arrogant idiot.”

“Come on!What if he’s really sincere towards you, Tiff?”

“Did I mention about that criminology guy again after you told me to stop? No, right?”

“Touché.” Jessica mumbled, sensing her loss at the conversation. She thought it was a meaningless little fun seeing her friend squirming uncomfortably whenever the guy tried to talk to her. But if she said stop, she would stop.


“Thank you very much, and sign here please.” Taeyeon bowed as the guest gave her tips after she brought back his car from the parking lot. She held the money absentmindedly as her mind wavered. She sighed heavily in defeated tone.

“Something bothering you, Noona?”

Taeyeon looked at Junyoung and saw the blonde hair guy looking genuinely concerned. Her, working at the VIP area and the valet was a big mistake. The sleazy guys couldn’t stop checking her out and the guys who had the guts would try to chat up.

“Just tired, Jun. I’m fine.”

“Tell me if you want to rest, ok?”

Taeyeon nodded, giving him a small smile and returned her attention to the log book. She then glanced at her wristwatch. It has been nearly two hours since Mi-Tiffany went to the VIP area. She could hopefully ask her for her number once she had come down.


She may have to get used to calling her in that name. Her angel-no Tiffany had changed, in a very good way. The girl was beautiful beyond her imagination. She would daydream about what Tiffany would look like from time to time if they were to meet again. But her imaginations fell short to the beauty she witnessed.

Perfection Taeyeon thought.

But she knew there was no such thing as perfection in this bitter world. Yet, Tiffany was like something close to a perfection in her imperfect world. She could on-

“VIP to Valet. Over.”

“Go ahead.”

“Taeyeon. You are needed. Urgent.”

The alarmed tone on the radio woke Taeyeon from her trance completely. She immediately assigned two other guys in her place and made sure Junyoung got the Valet covered.

“Should I bring someone?”

“You probably should. Some VIP party guest is causing a problem here.”

“Roger that. Clear.”

She signaled the bouncers to follow her as she ran towards the lift. The spoilt brats and their never-ending problems. Thinking about Tiffany would have to wait.




Author: MotoFoko

A wanderer. Soul searching. Writing calms my mind.

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  1. Ok, I’ll keep waiting then, this is nice to have Taeyeon with blackbelt Taekwondo 😁 , well I love this story n Feelings & Emotions too, keep reading it over & over, lol


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