For those who just found my blog, Hello! I’m MotoFoko XD.I usually post my writings on Asianfanfics.com and I still am. It’s great site to write btw. But it’s for Asian music fans mostly. I started writing on SNSD OTP based fictions and I’m still writing them. I have decided to upload my writings on here as a memory.Hopefully, I can post my stories and my journal regularly on this humble sanctuary of mine.


감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-FINE

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-혼동CONFUSION

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-그녀의 옆에BESIDES HER

If I was-Siblings

If I was-Introduction

If I was

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-기호Sign

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-설명CLARIFICATION

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-친구FRIEND

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-노력STRUGGLE

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-감각SENSE

감정과 감정 Feelings & Emotions-파티 PARTY

Love and Dignity- Party

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